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Legal Ops Compensation Survey

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Legal Cost Control Checklist

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Sample Legal Billing Guidelines

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Headshot of Luis Alfredo Contreras Vasquez in front of the article title: ChatGPT Offers Reminder of AI's Rightful In-House Legal Role

ChatGPT Offers Reminder of AI's Rightful In-House Legal Role

Luis Alfredo Contreras Vasquez, Senior Data Scientist at Brightflag, explores how ChatGPT has highlighted both the promise and the pitfalls of using AI in the legal space.

Ciara McIvor of Brightflag beside the Brightflag logo, and in front of a stock image of a person rubbing their forehead

Overcoming Burnout: How to Bounce Back After a Tough Year in Legal Ops

Ciara McIvor, Team Lead, Professional Services at Brightflag, shares some tips for staving off stress and fighting burnout.

From Roadblock to Road Builder: 3 Ways to Change C-Suite Perceptions of In-House Legal

Jake Mendelson, VP of Sales discusses how Brightflag's in-house legal customers elevated their relationship with c-suite, and shares actionable tips.