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Go from reactive to proactive with Brightflag's legal operations software, featuring patented AI e-billing technology and global customer support. Brightflag's legal e-billing system automatically applies outside counsel billing guidelines, ensuring consistency of charges and outside counsel spend reduction of up to 20%—making it the best legal billing software for cutting costs.
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AI-driven invoice review process

Brightflag has invested over 100,000 hours in training its proprietary machine learning engine to make it the best legal e-billing software for helping corporate legal teams make faster and more informed decisions about how legal services are delivered and managed. The AI technology underpinning Brightflag's legal software rapidly reads and interprets each invoice line item to confirm the true meaning and value of the legal services described. After automatically comparing those findings against a client’s customized billing guidelines, our software then flags potential violations for further human review. When combined with additional automatic approval and rejection rules, Brightflag's ebilling solutions allow legal departments to simultaneously strengthen their financial oversight, level up their expense tracking, and dramatically improve the transparency into their legal billing process.

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Set & track budgets, collect accruals, matter management

Brightflag empowers in-house legal teams to forecast and monitor expenses with greater precision than the typical department-level or time-bound budget. Our customers consistently specify their budgets all the way down to individual matters and phases. They also benefit from detailed analytics within the management software that enable real-time tracking, and clarify future projections.

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Globally compliant law firm portal

Law firms can submit their invoices, in any format, with equal ease on Brightflag using the billing platform's paysite portal. This key feature sets it apart from other ebilling and invoice systems, as it comes with built-in tax and currency compliance engines that eliminate the risk of inadvertently passing error-filled invoices on to Finance. With this all-in-one, simple legal billing software, you can also support short pays if needed.

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Direct integration to AP tools

By connecting Brightflag to other essential finance tools, customers can capitalize on additional advantages that the legal billing software offers. Specifically, with an integration, you no longer have to chase after finance to see if invoices have been paid; law firms will also stop calling you to check on invoice payment statuses. With a fully integrated billing platform, you will have more transparency and improved relationships with finance and your law firms. These benefits are achievable with any type of finance system.

Some of the most common ones Brightflag has been integrated with are:

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