Why Brightflag

See which qualities set us apart,
according to legal departments like yours.
Screenshot of Brightflag's general counsel dashboard that has information on vendors, and their spending

Why Brightflag

See which qualities set us apart, according to legal departments like yours.
Screenshot of Brightflag's general counsel dashboard that has information on vendors, and their spending

Proven AI Innovation

AI is not a buzzword at Brightflag. It’s the power source behind our entire platform and it’s been delivering practical results for in-house legal teams since 2014.

Fast Implementation

Whether you’re making your first legal tech purchase or switching over from a legacy system, we have the people and plans to get you up and running ahead of schedule.

Strategic Support

Great software is only the start of our partnership. We’ll be there with timely responses and expert insights to guide you along a path to long-term transformation.

Marissa Corda
Brightflag's AI software has made invoice review against our outside counsel policy much more effective and less burdensome. In addition, the overall spend analytics are extremely helpful and something we are looking to further leverage as we consider budget planning.

— Marissa Corda, General Counsel

Zoe Baynes-Davidge
The platform itself is intuitive and easy to use, and no stone has been left unturned when it comes to providing a brilliant user experience. The Brightflag team are second to none when it comes to providing support, training, and 'best practice' of the system.

— Zoe Baynes-Davidge, Legal Operations Analyst

Valerio Pece
We always had the good feeling of being listened to and taken into serious consideration because our success meant Brightflag's success. Now we've transformed our e-billing process from mere invoice processing to valuable insight generation.

— Valerio Pece, Strategic Productivity Manager

Proven AI Innovation

While some legal tech providers are only just adding AI to their roadmaps, Brightflag has already spent the better part of a decade
training our technology on live legal matters. That investment pays off in several practical ways.

A single global source. Our AI gives in-house legal teams visibility without exceptions. Regardless of business region, practice area, or invoice format (PDF, LEDES, scanned), you can reliably capture and track all your matters and spend through Brightflag.

A more scalable process. Asking in-house staff (or paying external providers) to read thousands of line items and maintain dozens of spreadsheets is not a sustainable solution. That’s why Brightflag customers prefer to let our AI do most of the heavy lifting. Their teams get to focus on more strategic tasks while the software quickly flags the issues and presents the insights that are truly worth their attention.

A powerful new perspective. UTBMS codes and invoice subtotals tell only a partial story at best. Brightflag digs several layers deeper to uncover the truth behind every legal service. By translating descriptive text into structured data, our AI reveals entirely new insights that were previously trapped inside line item narratives. That ultimately provides our customers with additional evidence to guide conversations and inform decisions at every stage of the legal matter lifecycle.


Fast Implementation

We don’t believe in making customers wait a business quarter (or more) to realize the value of their investment. Even before the final signatures make our partnership official, you can be sure that Brightflag is already coordinating plans behind the scenes to facilitate a smooth start.

Flexible Technology. Our expert team will work with you to confirm business priorities, clarify technical requirements, and build fitting solutions. This process of configuration, integration, and data migration ensures the Brightflag platform is primed to deliver relevant results with minimal disruption to your operations.

Proactive Training. Our engineers take pride in developing software so easy to use that you may never need our help. Even so, our onboarding process still includes free training sessions for your in-house team and law firm users. That way everyone feels confident using the platform to quickly achieve their individual goals.


Strategic Support

Any organization committed to transforming their legal operations will inevitably encounter challenges and frustrations along the way. By choosing Brightflag to join you on this journey, however, you’ll gain a partner who excels at both practical problem-solving and strategic planning.

Responsive Support. Our global team of product experts is available 24/7 to provide urgent answers and effective solutions whenever issues arise. In 2020, that commitment translated to an average response time of less than one hour and an average resolution time of less than three hours.

Strategic Consulting. Every Brightflag customer is assigned a dedicated customer success manager responsible for helping them clarify, prioritize, and achieve their strategic objectives. From informal consulting sessions to quarterly business reviews, you’ll have ongoing access to expert advice that ensures you’re maximizing the potential of our platform.


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