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The Power of AI

By transforming narrative descriptions into structured data, Brightflag provides customers with practical insights they can use to make stronger strategic decisions and confidently manage legal spend. Since 2014, Brightflag customers have been leveraging its AI to gain visibility into their global legal portfolios, identify cost-saving opportunities, and accelerate financial workflows. The data insights generated in the process have driven strategic decisions around annual forecasting, matter budgeting, alternative fee arrangement (AFA) negotiation, vendor benchmarking, and more. We recently surpassed a significant product milestone with 100,000 hours now invested in the development and training of its proprietary machine learning model by its in-house team of data science and corporate legal experts. The insights generated by Brightflag’s AI have been validated and applied by hundreds of corporate legal teams while managing live legal matters.

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Actionable Insights

The insights from the AI enable you to answer questions such as:


  • What type of legal work accounts for the majority of our spend?
  • Which matter phases represent the bulk of the work?
  • Who are all the contributors associated with a specific matter?


  • How much are we likely to spend on this matter per month?
  • When are we going to hit the budget?
  • Benchmarking:

  • Are the rates in these invoices abnormally high?
  • How would the typical firm resource this matter internally?
  • Which firms are most efficient?
  • The Brightflag Journey

    While the immediate goal of our AI solution is to help customers save time and avoid unnecessary expense, its greater value lies in the ability to generate contextual data you can use for strategic decision-making. Each customer works with a dedicated Client Success Manager who will also monitor your reports and invoices for trends and insights. They will work with you to understand what these insights mean for your team and what changes can be made to optimize cost control initiatives.

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    Sheila Dusseau
    "Not only are the analytics outstanding (this is my third e-billing system), but the customer service and collaboration are top-tier."

    — Sheila Dusseau, Head of Global Legal Operations

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