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10 Must-Follow In-House Legal Blogs

The 10 Best Legal Blogs for In-House Professionals

Staying updated with the latest legal developments, hot topics, and legal tech innovations is crucial when you’re in the ever-evolving legal profession. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the top ten best legal blogs that are must-follows for in-house legal professionals.

  1. Brightflag: Brightflag’s blog focuses on topics near and dear to in-house legal teams, from internal counsel to legal operations professionals. It’s one of the best legal blogs for amplifying the voices of others, featuring guest bloggers and industry professionals.
  2. Above the Law: Above the Law is a popular legal blog that covers trending legal topics, law firm blog posts, and the latest legal news. It is a must-read blog for lawyers and provides informative content that helps attorneys stay ahead in their field.
  3. New to Contracts: New to Contracts by Contract Nerds is a great blog for legal operations and in-house legal professionals who need fundamental knowledge about contracts, including redlining and negotiations.
  4. LawSites: LawSites is a legal tech blog that reports on the latest legal technology trends and developments, with a focus on legal tech startups and legal trade publications. It’s an excellent resource for lawyers looking to stay up-to-date with the latest tech innovations in the legal industry.
  5. Simple Justice: Simple Justice covers criminal justice and legal profession topics. It offers insights on current legal topics, law practice management, and legal blogging. It’s written by a well-respected defense lawyer and is one of the best legal blogs out there.
  6. Lawyerist: Lawyerist offers valuable insights on how to start and run a law firm. It offers useful articles on starting a legal blog, good magazines for lawyers in the US, and top legal websites. It is a great resource for law students and new lawyers looking to grow their legal practice.
  7. ACC Docket: This blog encompasses articles and interviews that focus on legal topics relevant to in-house legal professionals. These include; compliance, legal tech, DEI, professional development, ethics, and more.
  8. In-House Opps: A great blog for corporate law department leaders and outside counsel alike. In-House Opps covers topics that span issues like career development, legal tech, resolution of disputes, and beyond.
  9. CLOC: The Corporate Legal Operations Consortium (CLOC) blog is a solid, go-to resource for corporate legal teams. Stay current on conference information, the latest trends in legal operations, and high-quality interviews.
  10. Artificial Lawyer: Learn how the latest advances in legal tech, generative AI, and machine learning will impact in-house professionals. Their Legal Tech Education Guide is also a great source for legal tech instruction.

Following these top legal blogs will keep you informed on the latest legal news, trending legal topics, and the best practices in legal blogging. They’re an excellent way to stay connected with the legal profession and to grow as a legal professional.

Thank you for reading this article on the top legal blogs to follow in 2023. If you’re interested in staying up-to-date with the latest legal news and insights, be sure to check out the Brightflag blog.