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How AI Enables More Efficient Legal Spend Management

Webinar: How AI Enables More Efficient Legal Spend Management

In-house legal teams face a common challenge. With 50% of invoices coming in PDF format, manual review is necessary to ensure key information is accurate. This uses up valuable time that should be spent on more higher-impact work.

Building on Brightflag’s considerable product leadership and innovation in managing PDF billing and multinational legal spend, we’re excited to announce the release of PDF Check. PDF Check scans PDF invoices automatically, ensuring important details such as the bill-to entity, matter reference, and purchase order numbers are correct, freeing in-house teams to do more impactful work.

In this on-demand session, you’ll learn how:

  • Brightflag’s patented AI engine automatically applies billing guidelines
  • PDF Check removes the need to manually validate PDF invoices
  • Brightflag’s end-to-end legal e-billing capabilities provide a complete solution for multinational organizations