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What to Expect at CLOC 2024

At CLOC Global Institute 2024, you’ll find yourself at the heart of the legal operations industry.

This isn’t just any conference; it’s the biggest gathering for folks working to make in-house legal teams smarter, faster, and more connected.

Whether you’re hunting for fresh ideas, eager to meet others in the field, or just looking to stay ahead of the curve, this year’s CLOC conference is where you need to be. It’s all about learning from each other, grabbing new tools for your toolkit, and reshaping how your team tackles its biggest challenges.

What Is CLOC?

The Corporate Legal Operations Consortium (CLOC) started as a spark of innovation among tech professionals in the Bay Area during the early 2010s. These trailblazers saw an opportunity to revolutionize corporate legal departments by integrating technology and business innovation into their practices.

Their mission was clear: transform how legal teams work, ensuring they can meet their business’s legal needs more efficiently and strategically. Fast-forward to today, and their vision is a global phenomenon.

CLOC now stands as a testament to the power of community and innovation. The organization has helped propel the growth of the legal operations function on a global scale. It’s not just a group anymore; it’s a movement redefining the role of in-house legal departments.

While CLOC Global Institute, held annually in Las Vegas, Nevada, is the organization’s largest conference, it’s far from the only one. As an international movement, CLOC also has an annual CLOC EMEA Summit for members in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. There’s also a CLOC APAC Summit for members in the Asia-Pacific region.

While this article covers what to expect at the CLOC Global Institute, the information you learn, and the benefits you gain, are going to be similar at all three of these events and equally worthwhile.

What You’ll Learn At CLOC Global Institute 2024

At CLOC Global Institute 2024, you’re stepping into a community unlike any other. Becoming a legal ops professional doesn’t include textbooks or classroom time. Instead, the industry has been forged from trial, experimentation, real-world learning, and shared wisdom.

The emphasis at CLOC Global Institute 2024 is on collaboration and open dialogue. You’ll have the chance to directly ask your peers about the processes, tools, and strategies that have transformed their work. This is an opportunity to uncover firsthand accounts of successes and hurdles that will give you a well-rounded perspective on overcoming challenges.

But CLOC Global Institute 2024 isn’t just about swapping stories; it’s a prime spot for diving into the latest legal tech. Here, you can get honest feedback on vendors, discover the most coveted new technologies, and learn which services are backed by the best customer support.

This is a chance for you and your peers to peek into the future of legal ops together. Take the time to discuss emerging innovations and brainstorm ways to drive positive transformation within your legal departments.

The Benefits of Attending CLOC 2024


Joining your regional CLOC group before you ever set foot in Las Vegas will set you up for success. These groups often host meetups during CLOC, so you already know a few friendly faces amid the sea of attendees. Plus, engaging in a regional meetup before CLOC primes you for the networking bonanza.

Even if everyone starts as a stranger when you arrive, that feeling won’t last long. The legal operations community is open and friendly, and CLOC Global Institute encourages this atmosphere. Every coffee break, every queue, and every booth is an opportunity to connect with your peers.

Then there’s the braindate program, a unique feature of CLOC that pairs you with peers for focused discussions. These sessions are gold mines for shared knowledge and fresh perspectives, whether one-on-one or in small groups.

And don’t forget the networking breakfasts and lunches. More than just meals, they’re structured for mingling, designed to break the ice and foster connections. You’ll gather insights and experiences from across the legal ops spectrum by sharing a table with new faces daily.

By immersing yourself in CLOC’s networking opportunities, you leave with more than just new knowledge—you build a community that supports and enriches your legal ops journey. So, ready your business cards, open your agenda, and step into CLOC 2024 prepared to connect, learn, and grow.

Learn the Latest Legal Tech

At CLOC Global Institute 2024, you’ll find yourself in the heart of legal tech’s biggest showcase. The vendor exhibit hall at CLOC is the largest of any legal ops conference. It presents a prime opportunity to see the latest innovations in legal technology firsthand.

To make the most of the vendor exhibit hall, start with a plan. Consider the legal technologies your department needs within the next year or two. What are your priorities? Where could new tools make the biggest difference? Websites like G2 or the CLOC message boards can offer recommendations and reviews on everything from e-billing, matter management, and legal project management tools to contract lifecycle management (CLM) tools to help you identify top vendors in each category.

For those new to legal tech, beginning with a legal spend management system can provide a solid foundation for your tech stack. It’s a critical tool for controlling costs and gaining visibility into your legal operations. And if you’re in the market—whether you’re starting fresh or considering a switch from an older system—Brightflag is here to help. We invite you to reach out and schedule a chat with us during the event.

But don’t let your shopping list limit you. The vendor hall at CLOC is also a fantastic place to discover new technologies you might not have considered before. Who knows? You might stumble upon a solution that addresses a need you didn’t even know you had. Plus, let’s be honest—checking out who has the coolest swag is half the fun.

Embracing the latest tech positions your legal department at the forefront of innovation. CLOC Global Institute 2024 offers the perfect setting to explore, evaluate, and envision the future of legal tech for your team.

Learning From The Sessions

At each session, you can expect discussions on how to improve your strategic planning, effectively manage your vendors, and integrate cutting-edge technologies for better collaboration within the in-house team and with the wider business. CLOC offers a variety of content tracks and multiple sessions for each time slot, so make sure to take a look at the agenda in advance and pick out your must-see sessions.

Depending on your interests, you can learn to select the most effective generative AI tools and fine-tune outside counsel approaches. Or, sit on case studies showing how your peers have implemented successful environmental, social, and governance (ESG) initiatives and advanced diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging (DEIB) strategies.

No matter which content track you follow, you’ll discover best practices, hear perspectives from legal ops leaders, and gain essential skills for the contemporary legal ops professional.

Through sessions on leveraging data for decision-making, optimizing workflows, excelling in project and change management, financial management, and AI automation, attendees learn to enhance productivity and innovate within their legal teams.

What You Learn in Vegas Shouldn’t Stay in Vegas

Attending CLOC Global Institute 2024 is bound to leave you buzzing with inspiration and a suitcase full of actionable insights (and swag) for your legal department. The real challenge? Making sure that post-conference glow translates into tangible improvements for your team.

To bridge the gap between inspiration and action, take a moment before the conference whirlwind dies to jot down your key takeaways. Pick one or two standout ideas you’re committed to exploring or implementing in the first 90 days post-conference. This focused approach ensures you harness the energy and insights from CLOC to look forward and create real, positive change within your legal operations.

And remember, Brightflag will be there too. Don’t miss the opportunity to drop by booth #123 for a chat with us, or schedule some 1:1 time for a more in-depth chat. Whether you’re curious about the latest in legal spend management or just want to share your experiences and learnings, we’d love to meet you. Our team is excited to connect, exchange ideas, and explore how Brightflag can support your amazing work. See you at CLOC Global Institute 2024!