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Your M&A Spend Management Playbook

Webinar: Your M&A Spend Management Playbook

Managing M&A transactions and their spend is inherently challenging thanks to the underlying complex business negotiations. So how do you ensure your in-house team and firms focus on the right legal work, and control spend, when the full scope of an M&A matter isn’t always immediately apparent?

Download a copy of this pre-recorded webinar about establishing your M&A spend management playbook and give your legal team confidence to take control of the more elusive elements of your M&A budget.

Sinead Garnett, Brightflag’s Director of Legal and Compliance who previously specialised in M&A at Maples discusses how to:

  • Overcome spend challenges posed by M&A;
  • Use spend insights from our database;
  • Identify your M&A process maturity;
  • Create the right playbook for your legal team;
  • Replicate the benefits of your playbook for each transaction.