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Brightflag Customer Success Stories

Modern e-billing and matter management software, backed by the best customer service you've ever experienced.

The Legal E-Billing Leader on G2

When we say Brightflag is the best customer service you’ve ever experienced, we mean it. Brightflag has the highest satisfaction rating and the most 5-star reviews of any legal e-billing product on G2, the largest and most trusted software marketplace.

Sophie Nguyen
Brightflag has the best customer support services I've ever experienced.

— Sophie Nguyen, Legal & Governance Coordinator

Lindsey Marandola
Brightflag's support is unparalleled. They're easy to get a hold of, quick, thorough, and always a pleasure.

— Lindsey Marandola, Director of Legal Operations

Suha Gehrer
The passion for customers and the can-do attitude are outstanding. Not once have we regretted choosing Brightflag.

— Suha Gehrer, Operations & Analytics Head, Legal

Sheila Dusseau
Not only are the analytics outstanding (this is my third e-billing system), but the customer service and collaboration are top-tier.

— Sheila Dusseau, Head of Global Legal Operations

Zoe Baynes-Davidge
The Brightflag team are second to none when it comes to providing support, training, and best practice of the system.

— Zoe Baynes-Davidge, Legal Operations Manager

Nick Cuffe
Brightflag is joyful to work with. They provide immense support both pre- and post-implementation, and no ask is too much.

— Nick Cuffe, Change, Innovation & Technology Manager, Legal, Governance & Regulatory Affairs

Fast Implementation

We know legal teams can’t wait extended periods of time to receive value from software. We meet each customer’s initial requirements as quickly as possible, typically in under 45 days, while laying the foundation for them to achieve longer-term goals.

Large quotation marks with a quote from a Legal Ops Administrator about Brightflag's excellent support.

Proactive Training

Brightflag customers consistently remark on how easy our software is to use. Even so, we’ve built personalized training sessions for your team and vendors into our onboarding program so everyone feels comfortable before implementation is complete.

Brightflag excellent customer service quote from a Legal Ops Administrator, with big teal quotation marks and the Brightflag logo.

Responsive Support

Our global support team maintains an average response time of less than one business hour and an average resolution time of less than three business hours, and we continuously expand our library of help center resources for you to consult.

Large teal quotation marks with a quote from a VP of Global Legal Services about the value Brightflag places on customers.

Strategic Partnership

A named Customer Success Manager works with you to set, track, and achieve goals that are personalized to your team. From regular business reviews to impromptu workshops and strategy sessions, we’re here to be your trusted guide.

Large teal quotation marks with a quote from an SVP & General Counsel about the quality of customer service Brightflag provides.

Operate legal like a business.

Modern e-billing and matter management software, backed by the best customer service you've ever experienced.