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Legal Bill Review Software

Drive real savings with automated legal bill review

Legal e-billing software screen

So long, manual checklist. Hello, AI assistant.

So much of legal bill review is repetitive: checking narrative lines against law firm billing guidelines, the agreed fee model, and so on. With Brightflag, this work is done by AI, increasing accuracy and freeing the in-house team to focus on high-value activities.

Legal invoice line item illustration that showcases artificial intelligence tracking legal spend management.

Understand legal bills in a matter of minutes.

Brightflag’s AI creates a summary of which timekeepers did what work—just like an experienced lawyer would, but automatically and in seconds. Reviewers can easily drill down into components of the bill to validate that the proposed charges are appropriate given their instructions.

Task and activity legal solutions pie chart with illustrations showcasing legal spend management solutions.

Act on savings easily and consistently.

Brightflag ensures that every legal bill is reviewed with the same level of rigor, driving significant cost savings. Remove billing guideline violations with a single click—there’s no need to review and adjust individual lines—or drill down for fine-grained control where judgment is required.

legal invoice line item adjustments

Take control, regardless of bill format.

Gone are the days of manual data entry and limited functionality for PDFs and scanned legal bills. Brightflag legal spend management system delivers a full-featured review experience regardless of whether the legal bills are in LEDES, PDF, or scanned format.

Embrace full automation where appropriate.

Brightflag can be configured to reject and approve legal bills without human involvement, further reducing administrative work. Our customer success team provides guidance on how and when to use this sophisticated capability while complying with financial controls.

Animated image of an invoice approval process for lawyers, showing each of the steps connected with lines and boxes.
Julie Sullivan
Brightflag saves us time and money. The review and adjustment process is so much more efficient and less time consuming than before.

— Julie Sullivan, Director of Legal Operations

Save money. Save time.

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