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What Brightflag AI can do for your in-house team

Brightflag AI helps in-house teams gain visibility into legal work and spend in seconds, automate invoice review, and effectively control costs.

Our patented classification model analyzes legal tasks so you can understand your matters and what’s driving spend.

Brightflag AI will change the way you work and amplify what you can accomplish.

Unprecedented insight into legal work and spend

Brightflag AI reads every invoice line item and classifies the work performed by outside counsel.

It provides you with a comprehensive, real-time understanding of what work is being done, how much it costs, and how much it should cost.

Spend less time reviewing invoices

Brightflag AI automatically applies your outside counsel guidelines to every invoice, eliminating lengthy invoice reviews.

And Brightflag’s generative AI summarizes the work performed on every invoice, providing the context you need to approve invoices directly from email.

Meet the newest member of your team

Imagine asking which law firms are resourcing your matters most efficiently and getting an answer, not a report. 

Or asking Brightflag to approve rate increase requests that meet certain criteria without having to click any buttons. That’s the power of Ask Brightflag, the helpful new member of your in-house team. 

Why Brightflag AI

It seems like a new AI product or feature is released every day. So which AI will really move the needle for your legal team?

For a decade, Brightflag AI has helped in-house teams eliminate time-consuming tasks, effectively control costs, and predictably stay within budget.

We couple our innovative AI with outstanding customer support and implementation. Our average implementation time is under 60 days and the AI requires no training or customization.

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