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Legal Ops 101: Integrations and APIs


Whether it’s enabling single sign-on, sending approved invoices to accounts payable, or another requirement, integration is critical to legal tech success.

This course describes what an API is, how APIs work, and how they’re commonly used for legal tech integrations. It also provides a practical checklist for evaluating legal tech APIs. If you’re uncertain about your depth of technical knowledge, have no fear: the material in this course is presented in an approachable, no-technobabble way!

Kevin Cohn, Chief Customer Officer

Kevin Cohn

Chief Customer Officer at Brightflag

Kevin has extensive experience building cloud workflow, productivity, and analytics companies. Prior to joining Brightflag, Kevin was Chief Operating Officer at Atypon, a publishing software company (acquired by Wiley), and SVP of Operations at Smartling, a language translation technology and services platform (acquired by Battery Ventures). A Member of the Advisory Board of Legal Operators, Kevin is a passionate advocate for the development of the legal operations industry and the professionals working in it.