The Future of
Legal Operations

Brightflag is the platform and trusted guide in-house legal teams rely on to manage matters, spend and outside counsel.

Our formula for your success

Modern foundation

Brightflag is software as it should be: A 100% cloud-based platform that you can implement quickly, use easily, and scale globally.

Expert consultation

Our responsive team will meet you where you are, offering practical tips and proactive guidance to keep you moving forward.

Constant innovation

We put more than half of our revenue into R&D, ensuring our product improves every month and your operations improve every year.

Crystal Wu
The transformation sparked by Brightflag has streamlined operations to such an extent that our in-house attorneys and outside counsel rarely, if ever, have to delay strategic work to consider administrative items.

Crystal Wu
Legal Operations Manager

Dr. Hans-Joachim Arnold
Brightflag’s AI-powered technology and exceptional customer success team have enabled us to take large strides in gaining control over our legal operations.

Dr. Hans-Joachim Arnold
Former Vice President of General Legal Affairs

Marissa Corda
Whether it’s at matter intake or annual budget meetings, we’re now approaching all of our financial conversations from a much stronger place. We’re quickly giving colleagues the numbers they need and getting back to crafting the expert legal strategies they expect.

Marissa Corda
General Counsel

We're a busy, lean, globally distributed team with responsibility for keeping on top of legal hot spots, anticipating legal issues, and tracking global legal spend. Brightflag not only cuts down on admin time, but also gives us a whole host of relevant, centralized, and structured data which translates into valuable management info we use to make better decisions.

Case Study: Inside Ironclad's Early Legal Ops Strategy

legal operations software rfp

7 Reasons to Start with Spend Management

A complete business case to help you evaluate your legal tech priorities.

legal ops checklist

Legal Cost Control Checklist

The perfect tool for rating your current strategy and planning your future progress.

legal operations management

Sample Legal Billing Guidelines

Learn how to control spend, simplify operations, and increase the ROI of outside counsel relationships.

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