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Modern foundation

Brightflag is software as it should be: A 100% cloud-based platform that you can implement quickly, use easily, and scale globally.

Constant innovation

We’ve spent 100,000 hours pioneering AI for legal operations and continue to ship monthly product improvements fueled by customer feedback.

Expert consultation

Our responsive team will always meet you where you are, offer honest opinions, and work together toward practical solutions.

Marissa Corda
Whether it’s at matter intake or annual budget meetings, we’re now approaching all of our financial conversations from a much stronger place. We’re quickly giving colleagues the numbers they need and getting back to crafting the expert legal strategies they expect.

— Marissa Corda, General Counsel

Amy Brookbanks
Brightflag’s intuitiveness, artificial intelligence, and integration capabilities make it the obvious choice. The way information is laid out is so much more intuitive than the alternatives, which we feared would not get much adoption.

— Amy Brookbanks, Head of Legal Operations

José Cofré
We're a busy, lean, globally distributed team with responsibility for keeping on top of legal hot spots, anticipating legal issues, and tracking global legal spend. Brightflag not only cuts down on admin time, but also gives us a whole host of relevant, centralized, and structured data which translates into valuable management info we use to make better decisions.

— José Cofré, VP, Group Legal & Head of Legal, Europe

A complete legal ops platform

legal operations software data exchange

Legal service requests

Capture requests using standardized forms and workflows that save time for both sides and help illustrate Legal’s true impact on the business.

matter type litigation

Legal matter management

Centralize essential data and documents on an easy-to-use platform that increases productivity, facilitates collaboration, and reduces risk.

legal ops budget

Legal spend management

Ensure accountability with intelligent invoice review, increase predictability with proactive controls, and see into the future with real-time forecasts.

AI with real impact

Learn what business results we've helped legal departments deliver.

brightflag goals and success

Guides to plan your progress

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