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How to Build Your Automated Invoice Review Process

Webinar: How to Build Your Automated Invoice Review Process

Save your legal team time and reduce legal fees with invoice review best practices. Reviewing invoices from outside counsel, line by line, is time consuming but not doing it increases the chances you’ll pay more than you should. How do you find the right balance of automating reviews while ensuring they’re rigorous enough to catch any inaccuracies?

Watch this pre-recorded webinar to learn how you can optimize each step of your invoice review journey, from submission to payment.

The takeaways? Practical tactics you can use to reduce the time spent by your team reviewing invoices while controlling your matter budgets.

Adam Moursy, Brightflag’s Solutions Consultant and law graduate, uses case studies, data points, and demos to show you how to:

  • Decide upon billing guidelines which result in savings
  • Reduce time spent on line item review
  • Establish best practices for reviewing different fee arrangements
  • Get submission by your firms right
  • Partner with finance to make invoice processing simple
  • Set up tried and tested approval workflows