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About Brightflag

Brightflag is the legal spend management software for corporate legal teams who want to operate more efficiently, collaborate with external service providers more effectively, and partner with business leaders more strategically.
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Where We Started

Each month, corporate legal teams are asked to solve an impossible equation:

Millions of dollars in services, described in hundreds (or thousands) of pages of invoices, sent by dozens of different law firms — and only so many hours to review it all. As a result, most teams make one of two trade-offs:

  • Sacrifice team productivity in order to gain superior cost control
  • Sacrifice cost control in order to gain superior team productivity

This broken process never made much sense to Ian Nolan, who saw it many times while working at a software development firm serving legal industry clients. And it certainly wasn’t winning support from Alex Kelly, who often had payments delayed by it during his time as an attorney for an international law firm.

So when the two first met in 2013, it wasn’t long before their conversation led to an interesting question: “Is there any technology that can actually improve the speed AND accuracy of the process?”

A few months later, they were uploading example legal invoices into the machine learning engine that would become the core of the Brightflag platform.

Where We’re Going

Our A.I.-based approach to legal bill review was soon helping customers significantly reduce administrative effort and unnecessary expense. And if those time and cost savings were all we ever delivered, perhaps Ian and Alex would still have considered their venture a success. But our customers also showed us that surprising things start to happen after you transform narrative descriptions into practical data.

Suddenly legal teams can confirm spending quickly and forecast it confidently…
Suddenly they talk to outside counsel less about cost and more about value…
Suddenly they develop smarter resourcing models and clearer risk profiles…

Before ultimately the rest of the business recognizes Legal as a true strategic asset.

Now that we know what our full impact can be, we’ve raised our ambitions and adapted our plans accordingly. The mission from here is clear:

Brightflag exists so corporate legal services can be delivered in ways that consistently drive better business results.

How We’ll Get There

Customer priorities, business realities, and enabling technologies are sure to evolve over the next few years. And we’ll adapt when they do. One thing that won’t change, however, are the values we consider vital to our success.

Think Long Term
We’re pursuing lasting customer success and market leadership. Sometimes we may say no to apparent shortcuts along the way.

Make Every Day Count
Investing the same focused energy each day will deliver huge returns over time — whether our goals are weeks, months, or years away.

Win and Lose Together
We trust in each other’s talents, celebrate our collective success, and learn from failures as a team. Help is requested early and volunteered quickly.

Embrace Authenticity
Diversity of backgrounds and perspectives is our natural strength. Each of us is responsible for proactively guarding and growing this quality.

Who's Coming With Us

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Our Employees

We’re a team of lawyers, technologists, and business professionals based in Dublin, New York, and Sydney and dedicated to transforming how corporate legal services are delivered.

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