Webinar: Upgrade Your Legal Ops Reporting With Brightflag

Both business expectations and internal ambitions are prompting more corporate legal departments to reexamine their relationship with data. And that’s left many looking for a faster, more reliable recipe for legal ops reporting.

In this interactive session, we’ll:

  • Examine the key questions legal ops pros need data to answer
  • Explore the latest tools for quickly uncovering those answers
  • Discuss the art of applying data toward everyday decisions

Meet The Hosts

  • Kevin Cohn, Chief Customer Officer, Brightflag
  • Barry O’Melia, Vice President of Product, Brightflag
  • Maureen Casey, Customer Success Manager, Brightflag

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Sheila Dusseau
Not only are the analytics outstanding (this is my 3rd eBilling system), but the customer service and collaboration are top-tier.

— Sheila Dusseau, Head of Global Legal Operations