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Corporate Legal Operations Compensation Report

Brightflag’s annual legal operations compensation survey aims to help legal operations professionals, General Counsel, and HR leaders benchmark legal operations salaries and understand compensation trends. 

The 2024 legal operations compensation survey was conducted in partnership with Legal Operators, a leading community of legal operations professionals. Hundreds of corporate legal operations professionals participated in the survey. 

The Corporate Legal Operations Compensation Report shares insighst from the survey, providing analysis of salaries for directors of legal operations and for other roles, which includes legal operations managers.

The compensation report helps to answer three important questions:

  • Are you being paid fairly?
  • How much should you pay your team?
  • How can you convince HR and finance to review salaries to align with current market compensation?

Now in its third year, the report has become the authoritative source for corporate legal operations salary benchmarks. It also provides a snapshot of corporate legal operations in 2024: the geographic breadth, the vertical penetration, and the career paths its professionals are taking. 

What’s in the Corporate Legal Operations Compensation Report

Download the compensation survey results to see:

  • Survey demographics including work location, industry, department size, years of professional experience, reporting line, and people management responsibility
  • Base salary, bonus, and equity compensation for heads of legal ops by department size and for other legal ops roles by years of professional experience
  • How gender identity, ethnicity, and professional background impact compensation
  • Salary information for the top-compensated respondents 
  • Base salary ranges from 74 legal ops roles posted during the survey period

About the Authors

Kevin Cohn is Brightflag’s Chief Customer Officer. He has 17 years of experience in executive management at high-growth tech companies, and was responsible for corporate legal in his previous two professional roles. He has a B.S. in Statistics from Carnegie Mellon University, and is a member of the Legal Operators advisory board.

Colin McCarthy is Founder & CEO of Legal Operators and a passionate community builder. He’s an advisor to and investor in numerous legal tech companies, and was previously at Twitter, Rubrik, GlobalFoundries, and Sonos.

Watch the Legal Operations Compensation Survey Webinar

Watch the legal operations compensation survey authors reveal and discuss the survey results in a live webinar on March 19, 2024 at 2pm Eastern time.