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Legal Invoice Review

Take the pain out of legal invoicing

Get complete visibility over legal costs

Dashboards and customizable reports aggregate invoice data to give you the full picture of legal spend.

Always have the data you need to answer questions like: where are we against budget? And: what’s our legal spend this quarter?

Task and activity legal solutions pie chart with illustrations showcasing legal spend management solutions.

Automate legal invoice review

Approve invoices with ease and get time back to deliver real legal work.

Brightflag AI is the first reviewer on every invoice, validating billing details, summarizing the work performed, and checking invoices against your outside counsel guidelines.

Adjusting an invoice using legal e-billing software

Let the billing process run itself

Outside counsel can submit invoices in their preferred format and easily track payment status.

Approved invoices are automatically sent to Accounts Payable for payment.

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Save money. Save time.

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