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eCounsel Alternative

The future is here with Brightflag, the AI-powered alternative to eCounsel.
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Future-focused teams choose Brightflag.

Turbocharge ELM with AI and ML.

Enterprise Legal Management software like eCounsel centralizes the work of managing relationships with legal vendors. Brightflag goes a step further, leveraging advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning to make this work even easier, even less time consuming, and even more confidence-inspiring.

Service packs aren't welcome here.

Mitratech’s documentation states, “The Update Manager guides allow a system administrator to install and use the Update Manager application to install update releases and service packs for eCounsel.” Install service packs? Never with Brightflag, the always-current, true cloud alternative to eCounsel.

The #1-rated ELM software on G2.

In a recent third-party research study, 65% of Brightflag customers rated their overall satisfaction a perfect 5 out of 5, compared with only 29% of eCounsel customers. In fact, Brightflag is the #1-rated Enterprise Legal Management software on G2, where buyers can read verified customer reviews.

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Software that hasn't fallen out of favor.

Since Mitratech acquired eCounsel in 2015, many customers have said that innovation has slowed and they’ve faced pressure from Mitratech to switch to their TeamConnect product. When customers choose Brightflag, they’re choosing a company that thinks long term by investing in R&D and customer success.

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