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Elevate Your Legal Operations to Best-in-Class

Intelligent legal operations software combining ease of use, data-driven insights, and efficiency for global teams
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Your Team's System of Record

Brightflag’s matter management is the foundation for your in house legal operations, providing a record of everything your legal team and outside counsel are working on which they can update as required.

Customize matter intake workflows for different types of legal work to make sure your lawyers can collect information they need. Assigning matter leads gives you a clear picture of which matters you’re resourcing with outside counsel and which are worked in-house.

Help your corporate legal operations team more effectively project manage legal work with documents, status updates and project plans, all in one place.

Implement Efficient Processes

Help your team get more legal work done by configuring Brightflag legal operations platform to take manual processes out of your lawyers’ daily routine. Let our smart A.I. technology do the heavy lifting and make manual invoice review a thing of the past. Instead of sending emails, use Brightflag to put in place suitable approval processes, send notifications to your outside counsel, and transfer any required information to your accounts team. Brightflag is your trusted sidekick making the legal team run smoothly.

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Manage Your Outside Counsel

Accruals, spend reports by law firm, customizable attorney billing guidelines, and rate requests from external timekeepers – all centralized in Brightflag with a dedicated portal for your outside counsel. Help your team work closer with their legal partners.

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Control External Legal Spend

Automate enforcement of your billing guidelines and track your savings on external legal spend. Use A.I.-powered legal bill review to compare law firms’ invoices against your billing guidelines and flag savings to keep spend down and individual matters within budget. Brightflag gives you the flexibility to create different sets of billing guidelines. Put in place the right reviews for different types of legal work. Confidently forecast your legal spend with accruals capabilities that give visibility on the work your outside counsel hasn’t yet billed for. You’ve got visibility and greater control over your external legal spend.

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In-Depth Reporting

Out-of-the-box legal operations reporting lets you build a dashboard with information on everything from spend by month to pricing analysis. Drill down and compare your law firms’ blended rates or build a custom report if you want to analyse something specific to your business. Brightflag modern legal operations software provides a deep understanding of how your legal team works. You can be confident every decision to improve processes or resource legal work is backed by data.

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