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Budgets are being cut even as legal caseloads surge. Brightflag’s AI-powered legal spend management solution helps in-house teams overcome the unique challenges of legal spend and realize reductions in direct and indirect costs.

Budgeting is the first step in legal cost control.

Brightflag provides a single interface for requesting, approving, and tracking changes to budgets. Machine learning is used to predict how much spend is likely to be incurred, delivering the spend predictability that has eluded in-house teams for decades, and creating confidence in legal cost control initiatives.

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Enforce billing guidelines consistently.

Legal invoice review is the final step in controlling spend, but is rarely done well. So much of it is repetitive, especially checking narrative lines against attorney billing guidelines. With Brightflag, this work is done by AI, increasing invoice review accuracy and freeing the in-house team to focus on high-value activities. After implementing Brightflag, our clients reduced outside counsel spend by up to 20% and administrative work by up to 80%.

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Make discretionary adjustments quickly and easily.

Brightflag’s AI creates a summary of which timekeepers did what work—just like an experienced lawyer would, but automatically and in seconds. Reviewers can drill down to adjust individual lines where required. This ensures that every invoice is reviewed with the same level of rigor, driving significant cost savings.

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Use historical data to forecast and reduce future costs.

Compare similar historic matters to resource work strategically. Delve into the data to understand the hours worked, the resourcing profile, and the costs for individual tasks and activities, to identify and negotiate the most beneficial fee models. Historical data can also be used to inform vendor review.

A screenshot showing different projects & the amount of fees, hours, and rates that will be allocated to each task

Realize discounts through vendor consolidation.

Brightflag highlights opportunities for vendor consolidation and makes it easy to implement and enforce volume discounts. Multiple discount tiers can be configured for each vendor, and Brightflag ensures that the correct discount is applied regardless of whether or not it was included on the invoice.

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Take control of your legal spend.

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