SimpleLegal Alternative

Scale with Brightflag, the enterprise-ready alternative to SimpleLegal.

Fast-scaling teams choose Brightflag.

Scale legal operations beyond startup.

SimpleLegal is an inexpensive option for teams looking to get started with legal operations software. But what happens when you need to scale? With Brightflag, the software that gets you started quickly and affordably is the same software you’ll use to scale over time; there’s no upgrading to another product.

Turbocharge legal ops with AI and ML.

Legal operations software like SimpleLegal centralizes the work of managing a company’s relationship with its legal vendors. Brightflag goes a step further, leveraging advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning to make this work even easier, even less time consuming, and even more confidence-inspiring.

The #1-rated ELM software on G2.

Brightflag is the #1-rated Enterprise Legal Management software on G2, the world's largest marketplace where businesses can discover, review, and manage the technology they need. And in a recent third-party research study, customers rated Brightflag's service, support, and responsiveness a perfect 5 out of 5.

Independently owned and operated.

Brightflag and SimpleLegal were founded within twelve months of one another to take on legacy solutions that users say are slow, clunky, and stagnant. Today, SimpleLegal is owned and operated by a legacy solution provider while Brightflag continues to think long term by investing in R&D and customer success.

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