Matter Management Software

The in-house system of record for legal matters.


Brightflag’s matter management software makes it easy for in-house legal teams to collaborate with vendors, keep track of important information and documents, and produce reports to guide business decisions.


Configurable to support your unique requirements.

Never track matters in a spreadsheet again. Brightflag comes with preset matter types and data fields out of the box, all of which are easily configurable to support your unique business requirements. Adding a custom data field is as easy as entering a name, selecting a data type, and assigning it to one or more matter types.

Image showing custom field creation

Collaborate with vendors easily and securely.

Assign vendors to matters and collaborate with them securely using Brightflag legal matter management software. Configure which data fields they can see or edit, and which should remain private to in-house participants. Vendors and in-house team members can also upload and exchange matter documents such as engagement letters.

Image showing matter type configuration

Report on every data field. No IT support needed.

No more waiting on replies from support or IT teams. You can run and view reports with any data in Brightflag—including custom matter data fields—all from within the user interface. Reports can be saved, scheduled for regular email delivery, and exported in Excel or CSV format for in-depth analysis.

Image showing create report interface.

Visibility into who's editing matters—and how.

Brightflag logs every change to every matter—including when the change was made, and by whom—ensuring that your compliance requirements are met. Brightflag stores audit logs in accordance with your organization’s data retention policy and makes them available to authorized users upon request.

Image showing a legal budget revision history.

Extended capabilities through real-time integrations.

Brightflag becomes even more powerful when it’s connected with the rest of your legal technology stack. Dozens of API endpoints facilitate integrations with service desk, insurance claims management, intellectual property management, legal document management, and legal hold software systems, and more.

Image showing integrations
Tim Casey
Brightflag is the simplest, most intuitive software I've found in its class.

— Tim Casey, General Counsel & Chief Compliance Officer

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