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Centralized Invoice Management

Managing the invoice approval process with outside counsel is time-consuming and messy. Brightflag centralizes the process, makes sure invoices go to the right approver at the right time, and helps streamline the process. Law firms submit their invoices through our easy-to-use law firm portal, making the process easy and clean.

  • Centralize and streamline invoice review
  • Get invoices to the right approver with automated routing
  • Easily adjust/approve/reject invoices and notify your law firms

Drive savings with AI-assisted review

Brightflag reads invoice lines and highlights breaches of guidelines. The technology does the heavy lifting and points reviewers to the problematic areas. And because it is standardized, you can be sure every invoice is reviewed and guidelines adhered to.

  • Eliminate line-by-line manual invoice review
  • Automate the application advanced billing guidelines
  • Standardize review processes so every invoice has same level of scrutiny
  • Give reviewers complete visibility on matter progress
  • Average client savings of 8%-12%

Track Accruals/WIP and Budget Adherence

Legal departments need to work closely with the finance department on budgeting and forecasting. Brightflag helps you put the correct processes in place and removes the manual work – it chases law firms for financial updates, giving you confidence to report to finance.

  • Track accruals and WIP on every matter
  • Automatically remind firms and help them easily update you
  • Track matter budgets by phase or time period

Flexible and reliable reports

You need a system of record for your legal department’s spending. Brightflag tracks all the financial data across your department and helps you report as needed for your organization. Get the data you need to the right people at the right time with Brightflag’s flexible reports.

  • Create a centralized system of record for your legal spending
  • Produce any reports in real time
  • Automate reports and updates to stakeholders

AI-powered pricing analytics

Want to move more work to fixed fees? Want to negotiate better caps or fee estimates? Want to consolidate work with one firm over another? Brightflag’s AI is categorizing and tracking every piece of work you give to outside counsel so you can understand and compare the true cost of matters right down to the individual documents.

  • Use historical pricing data to determine Matter Budgets and AFAs
  • Find like matters and compare the pricing for each element
  • Understand how different firms resource work for you

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