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Better Cost Control and Savings

Brightflag provides a single interface for requesting, approving, and tracking changes to budgets. Machine learning is used to predict how much spend is likely to be incurred, delivering the spend predictability that has eluded in-house teams for decades, and creating confidence in legal cost control initiatives.

Brightflag’s AI creates a summary of which timekeepers did what work—just like an experienced lawyer would, but automatically and in seconds. Reviewers can drill down to adjust individual lines where required. This ensures that every invoice is reviewed with the same level of rigor, driving significant cost savings.

Brightflag highlights opportunities for vendor consolidation and makes it easy to implement and enforce volume discounts. Multiple discount tiers can be configured for each vendor, and Brightflag ensures that the correct discount is applied regardless of whether or not it was included on the invoice.

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AI Powered Invoice Review

Legal invoice review is the final step in controlling spend, but is rarely done well. Brightflag’s AI-powered software makes it effortless and effective, reducing spend by 10% and administrative work by 80%.

So much of legal invoice review is repetitive: checking narrative lines against law firm billing guidelines, the agreed fee model, and so on. With Brightflag, this work is done by AI, increasing invoice review accuracy and freeing the in-house team to focus on high-value activities.

Brightflag’s AI creates a summary of which timekeepers did what work—just like an experienced lawyer would, but automatically and in seconds. Reviewers can easily drill down into components of the invoice to validate that the proposed charges are appropriate given their instructions.

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Intuitive Interface & Ease of Reporting

Brightflag is the only legal spend management system that captures data regardless of whether invoices are in LEDES, PDF, or scanned format, and without the need for vendors to code individual lines. This complete view gives the in-house team total confidence in decision-making.

Most potential insights are trapped in unstructured invoice narratives, rendering them unusable. Brightflag’s unique supervised machine learning transforms line item descriptions into a structured data set that’s summarized across multiple dimensions — including user-defined custom attributes.

What was last month’s spend, broken down by department? Which vendors submit timely and accurate accruals? What budget should be set for a new matter—and how should it be resourced to maximize cost-efficiency? Brightflag’s legal spend analytics help you answer all these questions and more.

100% Capture of Spend Data and Easy Law Firm Adoption 

Brightflag is used by thousands of vendors worldwide, including all of the Am Law 200 and Global 100 law firms and the leading alternative legal service providers. Vendors not already using the system can do so after 30 minutes of training by Brightflag without making any changes to the way they bill.

Brightflag ensures that vendors charge only for known timekeepers and at approved rates, eliminating incorrect fees. New timekeepers and rate change requests are logged and routed to authorized members of the in-house team for approval before taking effect.

Brightflag helps to capture qualitative feedback about legal vendors in a timely manner, including responsiveness, understanding of business needs, and quality of advice. Combined with quantitative data, this gives in-house teams a complete picture of vendor performance.

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Ian Guest
The number one goal of procurement is cost savings. It is either to save money, or avoid cost. If your benefits helps us offset costs then obviously that is what we want

— Ian Guest, Procurement Consultant, Canopius

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Create cost saving opportunities with AI powered invoice reviews