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Screenshot of Brightflag's general counsel dashboard that has information on vendors, and their spending

Proven AI Innovation

AI is not a buzzword at Brightflag. It’s the power source behind our entire platform and it’s been delivering practical results for in-house legal teams since 2014.

Fast Implementation

Whether you’re making your first legal tech purchase or switching over from a legacy system, we have the people and plans to get you up and running ahead of schedule.

Strategic Support

Great software is only the start of our partnership. We’ll be there with timely responses and expert insights to guide you along a path to long-term transformation.

Marissa Corda
Brightflag's AI software has made invoice review against our outside counsel policy much more effective and less burdensome. In addition, the overall spend analytics are extremely helpful and something we are looking to further leverage as we consider budget planning.

— Marissa Corda, General Counsel

Zoe Baynes-Davidge
The platform itself is intuitive and easy to use, and no stone has been left unturned when it comes to providing a brilliant user experience. The Brightflag team are second to none when it comes to providing support, training, and 'best practice' of the system.

— Zoe Baynes-Davidge, Legal Operations Analyst

Valerio Pece
We always had the good feeling of being listened to and taken into serious consideration because our success meant Brightflag's success. Now we've transformed our e-billing process from mere invoice processing to valuable insight generation.

— Valerio Pece, Strategic Productivity Manager

Brightflag is used by hundreds of corporate legal departments around the world, from fast-growing startups to global enterprises, to gain visibility into operations, maximize productivity, and engage with outside counsel strategically.

These visionaries chose Brightflag over alternatives like Wolters Kluwer Passport because they recognized Brightflag is the future of legal operations:

  • Brightflag is a modern cloud application, leveraging the latest technologies and integration standards IT teams demand.
  • Brightflag is optimized for quick and easy configuration; legal teams can implement and evolve with no customization required.
  • Brightflag invests half its revenue in R&D and updates the software automatically every month, ensuring no customer falls behind.
  • Brightflag’s customer success team is the trusted guide for legal operations, helping legal teams to see around corners.

Want to get a sense of what it’s like to use Brightflag to manage legal operations? Watch our 5-minute video. Want to read why legal teams like yours chose Brightflag, in their own words? Read our customer success stories. Or if you’re ready to speak with an expert about how Brightflag can help you, fill out the form and we’ll be in touch.

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