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Brightflag Simplifies Legal Spend Management with Automated Tax Engine


New Brightflag features resolve tax compliance frustrations felt by legal and finance teams within global organizations.


(February 4, 2020) Brightflag, the world’s leading legal spend management platform, today announced the release of a new tax engine. This software module helps global organizations automatically address complex tax considerations and further accelerate their legal invoice approval workflows.

With attorneys from more than 100 countries now submitting invoices through its platform, Brightflag has seen how difficult it can be for customers to account for the various tax rates and regulations tied to their global legal spend. The resulting confusion and need for corrections not only delay payment cycles, they create friction between in-house legal and finance teams as well.

“We’re always looking at new ways to help customers reduce the effort required to maintain accurate and timely legal billing,” said Yi Lin Pei, Senior Product Marketing Manager at Brightflag. “By instantly addressing tax issues at the start of the process, customers will see an even higher percentage of invoices approved and paid on the first try.”

The new set of software features combine to ensure:

  • Valid tax rates are applied at the beginning of the invoice submittal process
  • Both LEDES and PDF format invoices are accepted and approved with equal speed
  • Correct, compliant invoices instantly appear in the preferred AP system

For a closer look at these updates, and examples of how customers are using them in practice, learn more on the Brightflag blog.