Customer Results

Brightflag Customer Results

True stories of in-house teams transforming legal operations and delivering business results with Brightflag.



  • Limited visibility into how outside counsel services were delivered
  • Inefficient invoicing process and inconsistent reporting accuracy
  • Impending global expansion and renewed cost control mandate

  • 100% visibility over spend by region, category, matter, and firm
  • ~1,500 hours of admin work collectively avoided in first year
  • 5% YoY cost savings via invoice write-downs and discounts

Screenshot of Brightflag's general counsel dashboard that has information on vendors, and their spending
Amy Brookbanks
The reporting on partner-to-associate splits has been extremely eye-opening and will allow us to ask law firms for what we want as we move toward more value-based work.

— Amy Brookbanks, Head of Legal Operations



  • Difficulty controlling costs consistently and reporting spend accurately
  • Many workarounds required to support outside counsel across 8 countries
  • In-house lawyers spending too much time addressing low-value tasks

  • 100% adoption across global law firm panel within months
  • 93% of matters began with assigned budget and featured an AFA
  • 5 days from invoice submission to invoice approval, on average

Bar chart showcasing legal ops budget tracking for helping with legal spend management.
Heather Torres
Every corporate legal department can likely reduce costs just by modernizing its financial workflows and resetting vendor expectations. But as you accumulate more data, you eventually unlock an entirely new dimension of cost-saving possibilities.

— Heather Torres, Legal Operations Manager & Senior Legal Counsel, Disputes

Toll Group


  • AP system often classified legal matters incorrectly, limiting value of reports
  • Approval workflows were confusing both law firms and in-house team

  • Standardized invoicing helped control costs and improve relationships
  • Key reports now compiled for C-suite stakeholders within minutes
  • Analytics helped team build successful case for more in-house hiring

Kate Carlile
We were up and running with Brightflag quickly and were soon generating reports that advised our leadership team where to save legal costs and allocate resources.

— Kate Carlile, Chief Legal Officer



  • Existing accounting software offered little insight into law firm behavior
  • Time-intensive, Excel-based reporting processes frustrated in-house team

  • Realized 20% cost savings within first two months
  • Reduced admin burden for in-house attorneys and legal ops staff

lawyer's daily dashboard
Michael Root
With Brightflag, we now have all the components we need to help reduce spend and more effectively direct resources where they're needed.

— Michael Root, Chief Licensing Officer

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