How Lufthansa Confidently Controls Its Global Legal Spend

Lufthansa Group’s legal operations team began 2020 with a clear resolution for the new year: considerably increase control over the company’s legal spend.

By February, an RFP process was initiated in search of a comprehensive new legal spend and matter management solution. By July, Brightflag was selected and implemented. And by the end of that year, Lufthansa was already noticing a fundamental shift in outside counsel engagements.

Now two years into their Brightflag partnership, Lufthansa has:

  • Improved alignment among its 150+ in-house lawyers and 300+ law firms
  • Increased its matter-level budget adoption rate from 20% to 80%
  • Recouped an ROI equivalent to its annual Brightflag subscription within the first three months of 2022

So how was Lufthansa’s legal operations team able to advance so quickly? And what were the key ingredients to success along the way?

See the full case study to find out.

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