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Use AI & Machine Learning technology to unlock the data hidden in your E-Billing system.

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Reduce spend by over 12%

Brightflag’s AI engine reads and reviews invoices automatically. It goes beyond simple rates flags, mimicking human invoice review. Drive direct savings and save countless hours of manual bill review across your legal department

Auto-Code every line

Brightflag reads and codes every line, so you understand exactly how every matter has been resourced. Implementing UTBMS codes with outside firms is time-consuming, expensive, and often incomplete or inaccurate. Our technology understands and categorizes every line, right down to the document, without any human input.

Report & Compare

Now that your spend is categorized, delve into the data to better understand how your work is being resourced by external law firms. Answer questions like, which firms are over-resourcing the diligence stage of our M&A deals? Or which firms give us be best value for our IP work? Or would it make sense to agree a fixed fee on certain phases on our litigation work?

Clear and Demonstrable ROI

Brightflag E-Billing brings immediate return on investment, with typical payback periods of less than 6 months of the first year licence. Immediate direct savings, time efficiencies, and longer-term decision making will turn your legal department into the best run department in the organization.

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