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Brightflag launches PDF Check, its new intelligent PDF invoice validation feature

PDF Check extends Brightflag’s industry-leading platform for matter and spend management, helping in-house legal teams spend less time on repetitive manual tasks and focus on high-value work


New York, NY, February 21, 2023 – Brightflag, the AI-powered legal operations platform, today announced the launch of PDF Check, a set of capabilities for intelligent, automated PDF invoice validation. PDF Check leverages Brightflag’s patented AI engine to scan PDF invoices automatically and validate that important details such as the bill-to entity, matter reference, and purchase order numbers are correct –  freeing in-house teams and their colleagues in finance to focus on higher value tasks and putting an end to mistakes from manual data verification.

This innovation comes at a time when a significant portion of invoices received by corporate legal teams globally remain in PDF format, a trend that shows no sign of slowing as the LEDES format remains limited to the largest law firms and more countries pass e-billing legislation including requirements for PDF invoicing.

As a result, time-consuming manual review is needed to ensure key information is accurate. And due to the manual nature of the review, errors frequently go unnoticed, resulting in invoices being sent for payment only to be rejected by Finance. When this happens, the entire invoice submission and review process has to start over from the beginning, putting teams and relationships under pressure. 

“Brightflag remains laser-focused on solving important problems for legal teams and their partners in finance,” said Ian Nolan, Brightflag CEO & co-founder. “In our current economic climate, where legal teams are once again asked to do more with less, productivity-enhancing features that automate repeatable processes ensure the legal team can make the most of their stretched resources.” 

PDF Check is a powerful extension to Brightflag’s industry-leading platform for matter and legal spend management. Brightflag’s patented AI engine can now not only extract important data from PDF and LEDES invoices, but also validate that data, apply billing guidelines, and generate analytics to help in-house teams make informed decisions.

PDF Check has been a huge time-saver for our legal operations team,” said Alisa DeDominicis, VP of Global, Legal, and E&C Operations at Rimini Street. ”But the most significant benefit is the improved relationship with Finance, as PDF Check has eliminated errors and extra work for them.”

To learn more, join Chief Customer Officer Kevin Cohn on February 28th and hear how AI-powered PDF Check and Brightflag help companies like Dropbox, Zillow, and WD-40 manage their legal spend more efficiently.