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Brightflag announces the next generation of AI for legal e-billing and matter management

New AI features enable in-house legal departments to leverage outside counsel more effectively, control costs more confidently, and increase strategic value

New York, New York, April 30, 2024 – Today Brightflag announced new AI features that represent a leap forward in legal e-billing and matter management software. The new features build on Brightflag’s decade of experience developing AI models trained specifically for the legal industry.

The new Invoice Summaries feature provides invoice reviewers with all the information they need to take action directly from their inbox, including a Brightflag AI-generated summary of the work done by outside counsel. These summaries give every reviewer the insight and assurance they need to approve invoices directly from their email so they can get back to delivering legal advice to the business.

“Summarization is a great use case for generative AI, but as anyone who’s used a general-use product knows, accuracy isn’t guaranteed,” said Michael Dineen, VP of Data Science at Brightflag. “Invoice Summaries builds on our deep experience working with legal data, ensuring highly accurate output that attorneys can rely on to get their jobs done faster and with greater confidence.”

Of course, some invoices need more attention. That’s why Invoice Summaries are accompanied by a complete re-imagining of the Invoice Review Experience, making it easier than ever to conduct an in-depth review, assisted by Brightflag AI. Reviewers can explore problematic billing behavior, resourcing, and outside counsel tasks and activities quickly and easily, all powered by Brightflag AI.

“Outside counsel makes up half of in-house budgets, and half of the legal department’s overall contribution to the business, so it’s critical that management of outside counsel be optimized using the latest technologies,” said Barry O’Melia, VP of Product at Brightflag. “Taken together, Invoice Summaries and the new Invoice Review Experience further cement Brightflag as the very best solution for managing legal spend.”

Invoice Summaries and the new Invoice Review Experience are available in beta today.

Finally, Ask Brightflag unlocks the full potential of data and workflows through a conversational user interface accessible to every person in the legal department. This powerful new way of working, enabled by Brightflag AI, opens new possibilities for managing matters, vendors, and spend, with the ease of use General Counsel, attorneys, and legal operations deserve and the security legal departments demand.

“Ask Brightflag is the future of e-billing and matter management,” said Kevin Cohn, Brightflag’s Chief Customer Officer. “Imagine asking which law firms are resourcing your matters most efficiently and getting an answer, not a report. Or asking Brightflag to approve rate increase requests that meet certain criteria without having to click any buttons. That’s the power of Ask Brightflag.”

Ask Brightflag is being previewed today, with customer availability later this year.

With automatic monthly software updates, Brightflag customers are always equipped with the latest and most powerful technology and AI innovations. To learn more about the new AI features announced today, and to take advantage of Brightflag’s e-billing and matter management buyout program, schedule a personalized demo.

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Brightflag’s e-billing and matter management platform provides complete visibility into legal spend and helps in-house teams control costs. The intuitive AI-powered platform makes teams more productive by eliminating time-consuming tasks related to invoicing, reporting, and matter management. The company serves a global community of legal professionals from offices in New York, Ireland, and Australia.