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Brightflag Introduces Microsoft Outlook Integration For Matter Management

New features link two critical systems for corporate legal departments

April 7, 2021
— Brightflag, the AI-powered legal spend management and matter management software, today announced the launch of its Microsoft Outlook integration, limiting the need to transition between tools and keeping essential context within easy reach. This latest product development will be followed by several releases throughout 2021 focused on applying Brightflag’s machine learning leadership and modern design principles to more elements of the platform.

With the new integration, Outlook users can now sync emails, attachments, and notes directly into a legal matter managed in Brightflag without leaving their inbox. Once in Brightflag, they can also search through this information by keyword without switching back to Outlook.

“Considering the volume of emails and attachments circulating around most legal departments, every bit of extra speed can exponentially increase productivity,” said Brightflag CEO Ian Nolan. “With our latest integration, Outlook users will now find that relevant correspondence is either already there or easily retrieved when managing matters in Brightflag.”

Security and compliance remained top priorities for Brightflag while developing this convenient new solution. Outlook assets uploaded to Brightflag are protected with SOC 2 Type II and ISO 27001:2013 compliant controls that safeguard the entire platform. Centralizing all relevant matter materials also helps customers preserve clear and simple audit trails.

The Microsoft Outlook integration is available to all Brightflag customers at no extra charge and can be configured in less than an hour.

Click here for more information about Brightflag and the Microsoft Outlook integration.

About Brightflag
Brightflag is cloud software used by corporate legal teams to manage their engagements with law firms and alternative legal service providers. Using Brightflag, customers realize greater value for money from their legal service providers, are more productive in their daily work, and translate data gleaned from their engagements into informed decisions about future legal work. Founded in 2014, Brightflag serves a global community of corporate legal teams from offices in Dublin, New York, and Sydney.