Brightflag Reporting Upgrades Make Legal Ops Data Even More Actionable

NEW YORK – February 9, 2022 – Brightflag, the AI-powered legal operations platform, today released an entirely redesigned reporting user experience. In combination with Brightflag’s proactive customer success team, the new interface provides corporate legal departments with a fast and focused solution for answering business-critical questions with data.

In a recent survey of legal operations professionals conducted by FTI Consulting and Blickstein Group, legal spend analytics and reporting tools emerged as the most frequently cited (56%) technology modernization priority. The research also suggested that product training and adoption continues to be a prominent concern within corporate legal departments, however, with 78% of all respondents identifying it as the technology modernization aspect they felt most challenged by.

“Brightflag’s patented AI technology exponentially increases the amount of data available for structured analysis, and our world-class team advises customers on the most impactful ways to apply it,” said Ian Nolan, Brightflag CEO & Co-founder. “Today’s product announcement addresses a critical intermediate step in that process: making it easy to create, run, and interpret reports.”

Customer feedback drove the development of the new Brightflag reporting interface, inspiring an even greater emphasis on fast navigation and customizable filters. The latest update also includes additional pre-built templates for commonly requested reports.

“We invested more than 50% of revenue in R&D in 2021 and plan to continue that trend this year,” said Barry O’Melia, Brightflag Vice President of Product. “This release reflects and extends so many of the things that make Brightflag great, including our obsession with ease of use and our leadership on AI solutions that deliver better outcomes for corporate legal departments.”

The new reporting interface is available in beta to Brightflag customers through March 14, at which time it will become the standard user experience.

On February 16, Brightflag will host an interactive event to discuss strategies for effective legal ops reporting and demonstrate its updated product design. For more information, please visit:

About Brightflag

The Brightflag Legal Operations Platform is where corporate legal departments gain visibility into operations, maximize productivity, and engage with outside counsel strategically. Brightflag is a recognized leader in artificial intelligence and machine learning and has invested more than 100,000 hours in the development of its patented solution. The company serves a global community of legal professionals from offices in California, New York, Ireland, and Australia.