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Brightflag Adds Flexible New Budgeting Tools, Enabling Sophisticated Outside Counsel Management

(March 23, 2022)
Brightflag, the AI-powered legal operations platform, today released several updates designed to address the complex and varied budgeting requirements of corporate legal departments. In combination with existing department-level budgeting and forecasting features, Brightflag’s versatile new matter-level controls afford in-house legal professionals complete visibility and proactive awareness over their outside counsel spend. 

Brightflag customers can now set matter budgets by time period or phase, allocate a budget across multiple vendors, and build in contingencies. Vendor budget request and budget creation workflows have also been redesigned to facilitate faster collaboration between in-house attorneys and outside counsel.

“Executive teams now expect Legal to budget with the same levels of granularity and sophistication as any other business department, and that inevitably requires a specialized set of tools,” said Barry O’Melia, Brightflag Vice President of Product. “We’ve been careful to balance our expanded capabilities with intuitive designs to ensure every customer can easily build the budgets that suit their business.”

“A strong reputation for financial discipline is an absolute requirement for corporate legal departments that want to be seen as an equal strategic partner within the business,” said Ian Nolan, Brightflag CEO & Co-founder. “Brightflag’s suite of budgeting solutions now offers accountability from every angle, giving our customers more clarity and control over the financial dimensions of their outside counsel and business stakeholder relationships.”

On March 30, Brightflag product managers and customer success leaders will host a live event sharing proven strategies for setting, enforcing, and reporting on legal budgets. For more information, please visit: brightflag.com/better-legal-budgeting/ 

About Brightflag
The Brightflag Legal Operations Platform is where corporate legal departments gain visibility into operations, maximize productivity, and engage with outside counsel strategically. Brightflag is a recognized leader in artificial intelligence and machine learning and has invested more than 100,000 hours in the development of its patented solution. The company serves a global community of legal professionals from offices in California, New York, Ireland, and Australia.