Brightflag Case Study: Sonnedix

With the business preparing to expand its operating capacity by a factor of seven, every team within the global solar Independent Power Producer (IPP) was being challenged to present their plans for improving cost-efficiency.

This exercise soon presented the Sonnedix legal department with a fundamental paradox: How do you reduce a legal spend number you don’t fully know?

Fast-forward three years and the team now has a completely new story to tell about its legal spend management strategy:

  • 100% visibility across legal operations in 8 countries
  • 93% of matters feature defined budgets and AFA pricing
  • 5-day average turnaround from invoice submission to approval

So what were the critical steps that drove this impressive transformation?
And what did it mean for both business stakeholders and outside counsel?

Access the full story to find out!

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Marissa Corda
Whether it’s at matter intake or annual budget meetings, we’re now approaching all of our financial conversations from a much stronger place,” said Marissa. “We’re quickly giving colleagues the numbers they need and getting back to crafting the expert legal strategies they expect.

— Marissa Corda , General Counsel Leads Legal, Compliance & Risk

Heather Torres
What everyone really responded to was the sense of clarity,” Heather noted. “Law firms saw where each invoice was in the approval process, we saw which line items were worth taking another look at, and our business saw the complete picture of legal spend.

— Heather Torres , Senior Legal Counsel (Disputes) Leads Legal Operations Strategy