Law & Software

We're bringing legal software into focus during our webinar series, Law & Software, hosted by Brightflag Chief Customer Officer Kevin Cohn.

If you are looking to get started with legal spend management then this is the webinar series for you.

Learn what topics we have in store during season one!

S1 E1: Introducing Legal Spend Management

During the series premiere, Yi Lin Pei, Brightflag Director of Product Marketing, joined Kevin to introduce legal spend management. They discussed the many disciplines within legal spend management, how legal spend management has evolved over the last decade, and how legal operations professionals are using software to create visibility, drive cost control, improve productivity, and plan strategically.

S1 E2: Evaluating Legal Software Solutions

In this episode, Kevin was joined by Jake Mendelson, Brightflag Director of Sales, to discuss buying legal spend management software. They covered building a list of requirements, converting finance and procurement colleagues into allies, and common obstacles, and introduce a framework for modeling ROI. And in the spirit of David Letterman, Kevin and Jake shared their Top Ten List for legal software RFPs.

S1 E3: Best Practices for Establishing Billing Guidelines

Sinead Kenny, Brightflag Senior Customer Success Manager and recovering law firm corporate restructuring and insolvency solicitor, joined Kevin to discuss law firm billing guidelines. This episode covered important topics including the difference between "hard" and "soft" guidelines, how to introduce new guidelines, and which guidelines are the most common—and the most controversial.

S1 E4: Introducing Software to Your Law Firms

A legal team's relationships with its law firms is of paramount importance, so it's understandable that legal operations professionals are mindful of the effect that introducing software can have. In this episode, Kevin was joined by Sean Houston, Brightflag Senior Customer Success Manager, to explore strategies for introducing software to law firms in a way that makes it beneficial for all involved.

S1 E5: From Kick-Off to Go-Live in 60 Days or Less

After investing so much time and personal capital in buying legal spend management software, now the real work begins. Ciara McIvor, Brightflag Implementation Manager, joined Kevin to talk about the nuts and bolts of implementation. What are the different parts of an implementation project? Who needs to be involved? Which activities and behaviors are most strongly correlated with success?

S1 E6: Effectively Managing Ch-Ch-Ch-Change

Making a decision to buy and implement legal spend management software sets you on a journey of change and transformation. In the season finale, Kevin was joined by Vishnu Thyagarajan, Brightflag Vice President of Customer Success, to discuss how to use success plans to manage change. Don’t miss the stunning cliffhanger: how legal operations professionals must adapt to using data!

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