On Demand Webinar: Increasing Legal Spend Management Maturity

In this pre-recorded webinar, join corporate lawyer and Brightflag COO, Alex Kelly, as he demonstrates how in-house legal teams like Volvo, Dropbox, and AccuWeather can control spend in a way that improves legal service delivery, panel performance metrics, accruals, and more!

Find out how you can go from establishing legal spend processes to confidently:

  • Assessing panel performance metrics;
  • Reporting and forecasting spend;
  • Automating billing guideline review;
  • Managing accruals;
  • Using data to inform resourcing decisions

About the host

Alex Kelly
Alex Kelly is the Co-Founder and COO of Brightflag. After working as a corporate lawyer with Matheson for a number of years, Alex now works with the Brightflag team to improve how corporate legal teams and their outside counsel collaborate to get legal work done more efficiently.

Alex Kelly headshot

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