Webinar: 5 Essential Strategies for Legal Cost Control

Predicting and managing legal costs is a constant challenge for legal teams. When the economy is uncertain and legal budgets are tight, it is all the more important for teams to get a handle on their spend.

Watch on demand as Brightflag’s Sarah Scales, and Pauric O’Brien, cover the 5 essential strategies every legal team should use to control costs effectively. We’ll show you how to:

  • Create impactful outside counsel guidelines
  • Set budgets and ensure budget compliance
  • Optimize your resourcing of every matter
  • Create an invoice review process that controls costs and saves your team time
  • Develop an effective vendor management program

Can’t make it? No worries, we’ll send you the recording.


Meet the hosts

Sarah Scales

Head of Product Marketing, Brightflag

Pauric O’Brien

Customer Success Manager, Brightflag

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