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Accelerate your claims process, uncover unexpected savings, and achieve a level of clarity you didn't know was possible.

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Interpret legal invoices in an instant

No need for a legal degree — let our A.I. analyze the invoices submitted by your law firms and highlight all you need to know. That way you can tackle larger caseloads without having to worry about compromising oversight along the way.

legal invoice line item artifical intelligence

Act on cost-saving opportunities

Our platform automatically enforces your attorney billing guidelines and flags potential breaches. This ability to verify the value of millions of individual line items can make all the difference in avoiding waste and increasing margins.

legal invoice line item adjustments

Build a complete perspective

Our visual reporting gives you real-time awareness over how spend is tracking against claims reserves, how quickly legal matters are progressing, and which resources you have working on each.

Task and activity legal solutions

Get to the right result fast

Easily reference data from similar scenarios to decide whether settlement or continued litigation is the correct decision. Then apply our automated workflows to close out claims as quickly as possible.

A screenshot showing different projects & the amount of fees, hours, and rates that will be allocated to each task

Hold every partner accountable

Benchmark claims trends, blended rates, and even performance against plaintiff firms as you continuously evaluate which legal partners align with your vision for efficient insurance claim defense.

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Tyler Wilson
“We’re already north of 50% with an end goal around 75% in terms of invoices automatically approved – while still in compliance with our service standards.”

— Tyler Wilson, Recoveries Transformation Manager, QBE

The solution for insurers who take efficiency seriously.

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