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Collaboration and productivity software alone doesn’t cut it for global and ever changing legal teams. Brightflag brings together a unique combination of AI, machine learning and strategic planning to achieve greater visibility into legal operations, streamline internal workflows, engage with outside counsel more efficiently, and ultimately better quantify and manage risk for the business as a whole.
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Go from reactive to proactive with Brightflag. Our A.I. powered legal e-billing software includes key capabilities that deliver unique benefits for in-house teams, outside counsel partners, and finance counterparts.

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Invoice Review

The task that we all love to hate. Brightflag’s AI automates this process for you, so the tedious task of reviewing 30 page invoices is behind you. Not only does Brightflag provide a summary of the invoice, but also a copy of the invoice unlike our competitors.

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Budgeting & Forecasting

Gone are the days spent knee deep in spreadsheets and now are the days of having easier conversations with finance about budgeting and forecasting. Brightflag’s AI empowers you to make more informed decisions based on real data that’s readily available at your fingertips, not after your fingertips are raw from days in Excel.

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Outside Counsel Management

Great partnerships are underpinned by great data. Brightflag captures a range of quantitative and qualitative data points to identify the legal vendors that deliver the strongest legal advice and the greatest financial value.

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Analytics & Reporting

PDF, Ledes, or scanned file? No problem! Brightflag's AI-powered software captures data regardless of the format, and without the need for vendors to code individual lines. We structure legal spend data, simplify financial reporting and performance tracking while enabling sophisticated vendor resourcing and pricing analyses.

For General Counsel

Risk mitigation is at the top of your priority list, so we’ve made it the top of ours too. With Brightflag’s AI, forecasting, budgeting, vendor management, and invoicing can be handled with the utmost confidence and lowest risk.

Blended hourly rate graph for general counsel looking to do legal spend management.

For Legal Operations

Efficiency is the name of our game. Balance outside counsel, vendors and an in house team with ease all while being able to report on data confidently and quickly.

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For in House Counsel

More time dedicated to practicing law and less time reviewing invoices. With Brightflag, you can spend more time doing what you love, and less time on administrative tasks.

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