Intelligent Solutions for Modern Legal Teams

Collaboration and productivity software for legal teams supporting global and diverse groups of business partners

Meeting Your Legal Team’s Needs

Every corporate legal team works differently. Whether you’re a large team or lean, rely on law firms or ALSPS, improving reporting, or optimizing processes, Brightflag can help.
  • Establish your system of record
  • Streamline supporting processes
  • Control outside counsel costs
  • Strategically resource legal work
  • Manage panels and outside counsel
  • Reliable reporting on legal work

Solutions For Every Goal

Team Productivity

Create more time for the tasks that matter most by combining A.I.-assisted legal bill review, automated approval workflows, real-time reports, and convenient software integrations.

Cost Control

Track budgets, enforce billing guidelines, identify potential savings, and make data-based resourcing decisions with ease using the world’s leading legal spend management software.

Financial Controls

Build a closer connection between your legal and finance teams by automating accruals management, ensuring tax compliance, integrating with key apps, and simplifying reporting.

Solutions For Every Role

For General Counsel

The information GCs need to guide their legal team and visibility of key matters. Confidently balance risk and delivery of legal work with in-depth resourcing and spend information.

legal invoice review

For Legal Operations

Everything you need to establish, optimize, and automate the processes your team works within. Build the most efficient legal organization and enable your in-house and outside counsel to focus on delivering legal work

For Lawyers

Brightflag is your day-to-day companion for legal work. Track and update your matters whilst letting our A.I. do the heavy lifting on tasks like invoice review and billing guideline checks, so you can focus on providing trusted advice.

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