See the truth with superior legal spend reporting.

Image showing spend dashboard interface.


Brightflag’s AI-powered software captures and structures legal spend data, facilitating easy financial reporting, performance tracking, and sophisticated vendor resourcing and pricing analyses.


Finally, visibility without exceptions.

Brightflag is the only legal spend management system that captures data regardless of whether invoices are in LEDES, PDF, or scanned format, and without the need for vendors to code individual lines. This complete view gives the in-house team total confidence in decision-making.

Image showing accepted invoice formats.

Structured data for measuring what matters.

Most potential insights are trapped in unstructured narrative lines, rendering it unusable. Brightflag’s unique supervised machine learning transforms it into a structured data set and summarizes it across multiple dimensions, including user-defined custom attributes.

Image showing task and activity breakdown.

Create and run reports quickly and easily.

No more waiting on replies from support or IT teams. You can run and view standard reports or create custom ones with any data in Brightflag, all from within the user interface. Reports can be saved, scheduled for regular email delivery, and exported in Excel or CSV format for in-depth analysis.

Image showing create report interface.

Get answers to the most important questions.

What was last month’s spend, broken down by department? Which vendors submit timely and accurate accruals? What budget should be set for a new matter—and how should it be resourced to receive the best value for money? Brightflag answers all of these questions and more.

Chart showing vendors by billing guideline compliance.

Expert guidance while you build your expertise.

Great software is only part of what we do. Brightflag’s customer success managers help in-house teams to see around corners by asking important questions, interpreting the answers, and recommending changes to configurations and processes to drive better results.

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Sheila Dusseau
"Not only are the analytics outstanding (this is my third e-billing system), but the customer service and collaboration are top-tier."

— Sheila Dusseau, Head of Global Legal Operations

Get the answers you need.

Experience Brightflag’s legal spend reporting with your own data.