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Brightflag Spend Management

Set controls, track progress, report results, and identify vendors who deliver legal service with business value.
general counsel dashboard

Gain immediate clarity

An accurate and accessible record of every line item, of every invoice, from every vendor, for every matter, across every region. That’s the promise of AI-powered legal spend management.

legalops solutions dashboard

Set proactive controls

Install effective billing guidelines that clarify expectations, reference benchmarks when negotiating rates, and utilize multiple budget types to encourage accountability from the start.

Innovate invoice review

Turn a tedious task into a strategic opportunity with our patented AI solution that quickly interprets the story behind legal service descriptions and presents it as actionable insights.

legal invoice line item artifical intelligence

Present impactful reports

Develop an objective, data-based perspective on what's driving your legal spend, where operational inefficiencies exist, and which vendors are delivering the value you expect.

hourly rate chart for general counsel

Reset your relationships

Transform your relationships with outside counsel by establishing a culture of objective criteria, transparent feedback, value-based billing, and effortless administration.

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Marissa Corda
Whether it's at matter intake or annual budget meetings, we're now approaching all of our financial conversations from a much stronger place. We're quickly giving colleagues the numbers they need and getting back to crafting the expert legal strategies they expect.

— Marissa Corda, General Counsel

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