Ocado Achieves 150% of Annual Cost Control Goal While Saving 1,470 Admin Hours

As the business set its sights on ambitious international expansion plans, the legal department within online grocery innovator Ocado Group was already anticipating the rising costs and case loads that lay just over the horizon.

It wasn’t long before the team decided that the new scale of operations would demand a new set of strategies. And as the search for enabling technologies began, three priorities remained top of mind:

  • Team Productivity. Time is the scarcest resource in any legal department. Ocado was particularly interested in finding more efficient invoice review and financial compliance workflows that would preserve more time for lawyers to focus on essential tasks. 
  • Cost Control. The team also knew it needed to deliver a clear financial impact. Executives had set an annual cost savings goal that amounted to 3.3% of the department’s prior year spend. 
  • Vendor Performance. With outside counsel services set to represent a growing proportion of that spend, Ocado was eager to build a more data-driven perspective of the associated matters and relationships.

One year after partnering Brightflag, Ocado made significant progress on all three fronts. Key achievements include:

  • 1,470 hours of administrative work collectively avoided  
  • 5% YoY cost savings via invoice write-downs and discounts 
  • 100% adoption among law firms, enabling benchmark comparisons 

So what made Ocado decide Brightflag was the best solution?
And how exactly did Brightflag help Ocado deliver those results?

Find out all the details in the complete case study.

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Amy Brookbanks
“Brightflag’s support has been second to none. The level of care and attention is phenomenal, with fast turn-around to every query, and training and strategic guidance provided whenever is needed.”

— Amy Brookbanks, Head of Legal Operations