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Legal Ops 101

Welcome to Legal Ops 101, the destination for essential, on-demand legal operations learning, presented by Brightflag's Chief Customer Officer, Kevin Cohn. Keep an eye out as new episodes drop regularly!

Accrual Accounting

This course provides an overview of accrual accounting, explaining terms and activities like the month-end close, true-ups, cutoff dates, accruals (and how they relate to accrual accounting overall!), and expense allocations. If you support your organization with legal billing and spend management, this course will provide a solid foundation for how you can be a better partner to your finance team. Your accounting team and legal operations colleagues will be impressed by your financial fluency!

Financial Planning & Analysis (FP&A)

This course provides an introduction to financial planning and analysis ("FP&A"), the branch of finance operations charged with planning and forecasting an organization's expenses. Learn about the key tools FP&A uses to do this accurately, including budgeting, and how legal operations can partner with FP&A to achieve greater visibility into and predictability of legal spend. After viewing this course, you'll be a legal budgeting and forecasting pro, an essential and trusted extension of the FP&A team.

Sarbanes–Oxley Act (SOX) Compliance

If you work for a US-based public company or a company that's looking to IPO in the near future, the chances are good you’ve heard about the Sarbanes–Oxley Act ("SOX"). But do you know the origins of SOX and the myriad ways it can impact legal operations? This course provides an overview of the role of auditors, the attestations and certifications third parties must maintain to support you in maintaining SOX compliance, and the five essential audit reports every software needs to provide.

Matter Management

“Matter management” is used to mean many things. This episode delves into the discipline of managing matters as well as the category of software legal teams use to do so effectively. It steps through the life cycle of matters, including intake, opening, active work, closing, and post-close assessment; summarizes the benefits of matter management software; and breaks down the matter management software category into its constituent parts. You’ll never wonder what matter management means again.