E-Billing by Brightflag

A new way to track and control your legal spend simply and easily.

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Brightflag E-Billing helps organizations track and report legal spend, reduce costs by over 12% through auto-invoice review, and streamline the management of outside counsel.

Unlike legacy e-billing systems, Brightflag’s language analysis technology means there is minimal implementation and setup times.

Reduce spend by over 12%

Brightflag reads the narrative lines on every invoice and flags billing guideline violations, overcharging and inefficient use of law firm resources. It automatically reviews every invoice narrative and gives you an easy to digest analysis of where an invoice should be reduced.

Track and Report

Capture all your spend in one place for real-time oversight, budgeting and reporting. Capture incoming invoices easily via email in any format (PDF, Ledes) – and have instant access to dashboards, reports and budgeting tools

Analytics and Reports

Delve into your spend data over time to understand how your work is being resourced, and how it can be improved. Answer questions like: Where are we in line with this year’s budget? Which firms are continually over-charging for internal communications?

Clear and Demonstrable ROI

Brightflag E-Billing brings immediate return on investment, with typical payback periods of less than 6 months of the first year licence. Immediate direct savings, time efficiencies, and longer-term decision making will turn your legal department into the best run department in the organization.

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