Brightflag Customer Reviews

What do customers really think about Brightflag?
Hear honest opinions straight from the source.
people with Brightflag

Brightflag Customer Reviews

What do customers really think about Brightflag? Hear honest opinions straight from the source.
people with Brightflag

Innovation made easy


Amy Brookbanks
"Brightflag's intuitiveness, artificial intelligence, and integration capabilities make it the obvious choice."

— Amy Brookbanks, Head of Legal Operations

"The platform itself is intuitive and easy to use, and no stone has been left unturned when it comes to providing a brilliant user experience."

"They constantly want to know what they could develop to further help our business, which is what I believe sets Brightflag apart."

"The way information is laid out is so much more intuitive than the alternatives, which we feared would not get much adoption."

Proactive customer support


Nicholas Cuffe
"Brightflag has been joyful to work with. They provided immense support both pre- and post-implementation, and no ask is too much."

— Nicholas Cuffe, Change, Innovation & Technology Manager

"There's always a team member ready to assist, whether it's a basic query or complex request. They're super alert, friendly, and supportive."

"Easy to implement, train, onboard, and use. The customer service has been truly excellent."

"We recently switched to Brightflag. The implementation, attention to detail, and level of customer service has been incredible."

True strategic partnership


Valerio Pece
"We always had the good feeling of being listened to and taken into serious consideration because our success meant Brightflag’s success. Now we’ve transformed our e-billing from mere invoice processing to valuable insight generation."

— Valerio Pece, Strategic Productivity Manager

"Brightflag is laser-focused on ensuring its product is delivering value for your company. There's a tremendous amount of active follow-up by their customer success team — not a meaningless post-sales check-in."

"The Brightflag team are second to none when it comes to providing support, training, and 'best practice' of the system."

"The support has had a huge impact on helping us get up and running with our limited time and resources. Brightflag meet with us regularly to ensure we are getting the most from the platform."

Lasting business impact


Marissa Corda
"We’re now approaching all of our financial conversations from a much stronger place, quickly giving colleagues the numbers they need and getting back to crafting the expert legal strategies they expect."

— Marissa Corda, General Counsel

"Brightflag not only cuts down on admin time, it gives us relevant, centralized, and structured data which translates into valuable info we use to make better decisions."

"The platform gives power to the lawyer to make informed judgement calls, and it's driving better law firm behavior and relationships."

"We derive incredible data from Brightflag, helping turn our legal spend into a source of valuable information that we can use to manage ourselves and our vendors."

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