Case Study:
Inside Ironclad’s Early Legal Ops Strategy

“I wanted to get ahead of the growth I knew was coming and really solidify Legal’s reputation as an efficient, transparent partner to the business.” – Chris Young, General Counsel

When Chris Young joined Ironclad as solo General Counsel, he knew that getting the right legal ops solutions in place early would be critical if he hoped to achieve his long-term aspirations for the department. So after making his first in-house hire, the two-person team immediately turned their attention to outside counsel management.

By partnering with Brightflag, Ironclad was able to:

  • Implement a core legal tech solution in just 22 days 
  • Reduce time spent on recurring admin tasks by 80% 
  • Support business hyper-growth with a lean legal team

See the full case study for the blueprint behind Ironclad’s impressive success.

See The Case Study