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  • Artificial Hype: Practical Applications of AI within the Legal Department
    By now we have all heard the term “AI” or artificial intelligence many times over, whether reading the latest business headlines, attending an industry conference or simply scanning your social news feeds on LinkedIn or Twitter. While this latest buzzword seems to be nothing more than a distraction to some, there are, in fact, real […]
  • US Litigation Trends for 2017
    This is the first in a series posts from Brightflag on litigation costs for corporates. In it we will cover overall market trends, strategies on controlling costs, and how to utilize technology in litigation management. Legal spending takes a large bite out of a company’s bottom line.  For most companies with business as usual it […]
  • The startup advantage in legal technology
    Brightflag is a young company. We are bringing AI language analysis to help corporate legal departments control costs and to help law firms understand how they should price work. It’s a new concept that hasn’t existed before, solving a key issue for the industry – ensuring both sides of a legal transaction are happy with the […]
  • How text analysis is changing the legal industry
    Of all the branches of machine and AI, text and language analysis is likely the most relevant to the legal industry. In a world where the currency is contracts, court rulings, case law, written evidence – it makes sense that advances in understanding large volumes of text creates exciting possibilities. Google has been a pioneer in […]
  • Legal invoice review: How to do it effectively
    This is the second of a two-part Brightflag series on legal billing guidelines and invoice review, find Part One on creating effective billing guidelines here. In the overall process of managing outside counsel spend, reviewing invoices is the final step in a larger process. You will have likely gone through a selection process of some kind, […]
  • Creating Effective Billing Guidelines
    For any legal department, a clear and concise set of billing guidelines is one of the most effective ways to ensure you get the most from your relationships with outside counsel. Great relationships with counsel are based on clear expectations being set – and guidelines are a quick and easy way to move towards this […]
  • AI and the Law: Hype vs Reality
    In a previous blog I spoke about the likelihood of a future that included ‘robot lawyers’. Has it arrived already? According to this recent article about ‘robot judges’ we are already living in the future. Of course, the headline is deliberately provocative – in reality the technology is not really a robot judge, but a prediction […]
  • Why legal departments need spend management
    Sleepless nights What keeps GCs up at night?  One worry is the constant need to meet the demand for legal services from their business colleagues with limited resources. Smaller legal departments feel this even more acutely.  They have fewer resources at their disposal and yet are expected to meet the needs of the business all […]
  • What legal departments can learn from their business colleagues
    To meet this challenge, legal departments must focus on process improvements and metrics to track progress in the same way other business functions do. This strategy has already been adopted by many larger legal departments, who have seen great success in developing ‘legal operations’ functions to accomplish these goals. In a smaller department, however, the […]
  • Robot Lawyers? The Future of AI and Automation in Law
    Reading some recent media headlines, you would think so. Last year in Dublin, a conference warned that lawyers must ‘cut fees or face a future led by robots’. In fact, headlines have been predicting this onslaught of the machines ever since IBM’s Watson (a question-answering supercomputer) beat two human Jeopardy! champions on the US gameshow […]